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The overall best hair straightener (with the most reviews)

best hair straightener

4.4 stars, 28,211 reviews

“I am in love. This flat iron worked so well for me. I have been natural for close to three years and I kind of missed having more manageable hair, so I took a chance with this. Best thing I ever did! Most good flat irons are very expensive, so I did some research, found this, and crossed my fingers. Because of the thickness of my hair, I had to do small sections at a time. Most important: You must put heat protection in your hair (I used HSI Thermal Protector With Argan Oil). With this, my hair lasts a good three to four weeks.”

Best cheap hair straightener

best hair straightener

4.4 stars, 4,193 reviews

“Being a mom of two, pregnant with a third, and in the middle of moving, it’s hard to have time to get my hair done, but with this, I do my hair in 30 minutes, rather than over an hour. I haven’t bought a new straightener in probably four years, and I bought this with very little expectations. I got it a day before I had to go to a church activity, so I decided to get pretty and straightened my hair … OMG! First of all, not only did it take half the time to do my hair, but it left my hair as amazing as I always wanted it! Super silky smooth. I then used it to make some curls on my 8-year-old. In less than 15 minutes, I was done with her hair and she was in love with the curls.”

Best titanium hair straightener

best hair straightener

4.8 stars, 587 reviews

“I’m a licensed hairdresser and I’ve used many hair straighteners, including Chi and Paul Mitchell. They work, but my hair is so thick that it takes me at least 30 to 40 minutes to properly smooth my hair. This is the absolute best hair straightener I have ever used. It straightened my hair in ten minutes (no joke). I’m extremely pleased and shocked. Especially since my Chi and Paul Mitchell straighteners don’t work as well and cost me a lot more. Looking to purchase a second one to have on hand for the future.”

Best titanium hair straightener with ion plates

best hair straightener

4.5 stars, 845 reviews

“This is a badass flat iron. Here’s the skinny: The moment you turn it on, it has a ‘Fragile, Damaged, Healthy’ setting and an auto-lock mechanism that keeps your flat iron together, to save room in your bathroom, and it also auto-locks the buttons to keep what temperature you want while doing your hair. It comes with a professional bag for traveling with it. This flat iron is ‘pinky in the air while drinking your tea’ fancy. It is the Ferrari of flat irons, for a girl on a budget wanting a new flat iron. And for my fellow sistas: It works amazingly on African-American hair.”

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