Vickerman Natural Alpine Tree with 105T, 2′ X 16.5″

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Vickerman Natural Alpine Tree with 105T, 2′ X 16.5″

  • 105 PVC Tips
  • Recommended for Indoor Use
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer warranty

Symbolic Meaning of the Christmas Tree.

We had live Christmas trees at my house when I was a kid. Mom sat at the fireplace and gently brought out all the decorations for the tree. She’d dole out the ornaments to my sister and to me. We’d eagerly grab the baubles and run back to the tree to hang them on our branch of choice. To which, my mom inevitably responded: “NO! Not there! You don’t hang an ornament from the garland!” Or, “NO! Not that branch! You’re blocking the view of the Christmas lights in that spot!” Ah, yes. Mom was, and still is a stickler for the aesthetics of things. Not a thing out of place. I love her for that. Her attention to detail assured a fabulous Christmas tree. Truly, our trees looked the bombadiggitiest every year. And I thank mom to this day for teaching me how to deck a Christmas tree properly. LOL.

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When it comes to the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree, I’m not sure I can say it better than this:

“Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging
Not only green when summer’s here,
But also when it’s cold and drear.
Such pleasure do you bring me!
For every year this Christmas tree,
Brings to us such joy and glee.
A symbol of goodwill and love
Each shining light
Each silver bell
No one alive spreads cheer so well
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
You’ll ever be unchanging.”

Yep – that pretty much sums up the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree. Guess I can pack up this post now and say so-long. Just kidding. 🙂 There’s tons more tree treats to be symbolically savored!

This song (shortened by taking out the “Oh Christmas Tree” chorus lines), was written by Ernst Anschutz in 1820s. Originally written in German, Oh Tannenbaum doesn’t really refer to a Christmas tree per se. Tannenbaum means ‘fir tree’ in German.

The fir tree is one of the most common live trees we haul inside for the holiday. Pine and spruce trees are also popular picks. Whether spruce, cedar, pine or fir – all Christmas trees have one thing in common…they’re all evergreens.

Have you ever wished the noble, ebullient feeling of Christmas could last all year long? Those feelings are everlasting via evergreens. That’s a huge slice of the symbolic pie surrounding Christmas trees. Why? Because evergreens are symbolic of permanence. This theme of immortality and constancy is born from these trees remaining evergreen all year round.

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