AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor

I bought the AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor a few weeks back, and I’m mostly happy with my purchase. It’s a great thermometer which works with reasonable accuracy. It has the option of both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, which is great and its user interface is very friendly and easy to understand.

I do indoor gardening and have a little indoor garden that I positively adore. I made the purchase monitor temperature to an optimal level for my plants and it’s served me well. It also measures humidity which is crucial in the cultivation of certain fastidious plants, and I am particularly interested in such cultivation. Therefore, humidity control is very important for me and very accurate in this device.

What to expect from the Indoor Humidity Monitor

It’s a good device for measuring humidity and temperature. The temperature is offered on both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scale. It has a button that lets you toggle between the two scales. The interface is user-friendly and shows the highest and lowest temperatures alongside the current temperature. It also shows the highest and lowest humidity levels to get a rough estimate of the average humidity and temperature of the day. It resets its highest and lowest temperatures/humidity levels every 24 hours starting from when the battery is installed. It also has a magnetic back so you can stick it up on your refrigerator. It’s back also folded to make a makeshift stand so you can place it on your desk.

People who will benefit from the Indoor Humidity Monitor

This is a great layperson’s tool and fit for gardening needs as well as people who want reasonable estimates of temperature and humidity. It is in no way industrial or laboratory standard but that not its purpose. For its price it serves its purpose just fine. I recommend it to people who wish to use it at home. Humidity control as well is temperature control is essential to avoid the growth of different molds in your house especially if the building is old.

Negatives of the Indoor Humidity Monitor

As I mentioned before, this is not fit for use in industries and laboratories because it is not accurate enough. Furthermore, the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion is not perfectly precise. It uses a relatively low number of decimal places. It also doesn’t have a backlight which is a major flaw because the dial becomes hard to read in the dark and you have to grab a flashlight. Furthermore, this device is better at humidity readings than temperature ones. The Celsius scale is a more accurate option, but it still has many limitations. It doesn’t measure temperature below zero Fahrenheit. I tried putting it in my refrigerator as I’m sure lots of curious people have. I recommend you use the Celsius scale.

Overall, the indoor humidity monitor is a good product with a good battery life and reasonable accuracy for a layperson. It’s worth the money and serves me well. I recommend it to anyone in search for a humidity monitor that measures temperature as a plus but not vice versa. It is best for humidity control.

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