Here Are The Best Home-Gym Equipment For Every Type Of Workout!

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Medicine balls

Medicine balls are a valuable asset for those who enjoy a machine-free workout. Plan a workout of squats, lunges, curls and sit ups, you can make your whole body involved without jumping from machine to sweat-covered machine at an overcrowded gym.

SPRI Dual Grip 12 lb. Medicine Ball, available at Amazon.


An exercise mat

Having a reliable, comfortable exercise mat is important for anybody who try to start a regular yoga regiment. The mat also a great surface for ab work, your pre- and post-workout stretches and pushups. It’s from HemingWeigh is about 5/8” thick, providing an extra bit of cushion compared to your standard yoga mat, allowing you to save yourself the soreness that comes with working on a hardwood floor.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat, available at Amazon.

A foam roller

Once you get into the swing of your regular workout routine, you’ll probably (well, definitely) experience some soreness on your off days. To help relieve that pain, snag a foam roller such as this one by TriggerPoint in order to roll out knots and tight muscles.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller, available at Amazon.

On a Budget

A pull up bar

Pull ups are hard. Some of us can’t even practice two in succession. However if you set up a pull up bar in a doorway in your home to do as many as you can each time you walk by, you will be improved quicker than expected.

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout, available at Amazon.

A jump rope

Maybe you haven’t picked up a jump rope since you were in elementary school, However if you’re looking for a portable, cheap way to get your blood flowing quickly, a jump rope is a solid investment. 30 minutes of running is the equivalent of Ten minutes of continuous jumps, so if you’re having difficulty fitting time for cardio into your schedule, this could be your solution.

King Athletic Jump Rope, available at Amazon.

An ab wheel

An ab wheel is a wonderful way to do your core routine and flatten out your abs. Just be careful jumping too far and too quickly into ab work, or you can not be able to move the next day.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro, available at Amazon.

An elliptical trainer

If the low-impact cardio offered by elliptical machines is appealing to you, but you don’t have the space or money for a commercial unit, this model by stamina is a nice alternative. While you lose the upper body push-pull of traditional ellipticals, maintaining your balance forces you to engage your core while pumping your legs.

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer, available at Amazon.

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