Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Geo Diamonds


I bought this chair for my niece, she is only 4 month old now. Out of any infant rocker/chair I have ever bought, this has been the best. Amazon offer 2 decoration patterns for this chair: Geo Diamonds and Floral Confetti. It looks nice, it brings comfortable feeling, and most importantly my niece really loves it. You actually get 4 different head elevations because you can release the bar at the bottom and you can adjust the top of the chair as well, which makes 4 different positions for the baby. This is the one place she will sit (other than mom or dad’s arms) after a feeding without fussing. She also loves the vibration helping put her to sleep. This is great for her because she has never liked to swing. This product both vibrates and rocks — that’s what’s so amazing. It vibrates when you push the button on the front and stops when you push the button again. When you fold the kickstand, you can rock it, although there is not a function where it rocks automatically. When the kickstand is in place, the rocker is stable and cannot move.

Another lovely feature is the removable hanging toys. They easily click in and out of the chair so you don’t have to lower or lift baby around the toys. Right now while she is young we often leave the toy bar off, but it is easy to snap in when we want to provide her with some visual stimulation.



My recommendation is that the chair is suitable for all babies: boys and girls. It is great for when you need to do house work. The vibrations are enough to soothe your baby and make him/her calm and relaxed. The first 10 minutes we put my niece in this chair, she was so comfortable and just laid back and fell asleep! I highly recommend to any momma, or daddy.



In my opinion, the only complaint is the toy bar. It’s not big problem. It’s just when in rock mode, the toys are too close to babies face. The solution is that we remove the toy bar when in rock mode. It’s easy. I am so glad I purchased this it has been a huge hit in our home.

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